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Customized Watches with your Logo or Slogan on Dial...

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Logo Watches - How it works...

Custom Imprinted Promotional Products

What you need to know:
  • All of our Watches are manufacted at time of order.
    That assures that you get the high quality product that you expect. Don't fall for so called "Knock Off Watches" -- a clear sign of this is a limited choice of watches, all or most with similar case. Another indicator of dealing with a "Knock off watch" is the Minimum Order Quantity of ONE piece... with a Photo Dial - most likely created with a home computer printer.

  • All our Watches are backed up with a 1 Year Warranty.
    Our strict quality control process insures that you receive your products in fine working condition.
    Hence - No surprises - and No Underdelivery or Overdelivery to deal with (Accounting will be happy).

  • It's what we do -- we specialize in Logo Watches.
    Over 2 decades of knowledge, performance and experience in the logo watch industry - Worldwide!
    Our international customers can be assured that we know exactly which documents are required for the smooth export, transport and import of your logo watch order. In doing business with a logo watch specialist, you'll avoid impersonal promotional products Mega-Sites that specialize in nothing in particular. It a simple fact that "Generalists have some knowledge about many different products... whereas a Specialist knows everything about his or her particular product." Plus, you won't have to deal with Promotion industry "Consultants" or Middle Men - whose large fees pad your budget.

    Let us assist you in choosing the perfect logo watch for your promotional needs.

Watches are the "most-watched wearable", making your company logo, business name, slogan or message seen on average 30 times a day.
Quality of workmanship combined with functionality and high perceived value guarantee that- If your logo is on one of our quality watches
...time is on your side.

How do I know which watch to choose?
Where to start...

If your priority is price, material, special style, type, or function, customization options or private label creation...
Take a look at the navigation on the left to find the information needed.

Now for the "WHAT" and the "HOW"...

  1. Choose a watch for YOUR target Audience..
  2. Order Your FREE e-sample.

If you'd like our help in finding the best watch for your needs,
we offer this 3 STEP Form.  Based on the information provided,
we'll suggest the perfect watch...

And then... within 72 hours you'll receive an electronic Sample (via e-mail) of the watch, with Your Logo on it.

NOW it's easy to finalize your order - because... What You See Is What You Get! - saving YOU lots of precious Time. After your approval of the e-sample art work you will receive a preliminary order form in PDF format via e-mail. Fill in the blanks, send it back, and receive the Official Order Confirmation which you sign and fax to us.

Small Orders (6, 12 to 24 pieces)

Need to find the right watch for a group of 6, 12 to 24?
- Take a look at this full list of suggested categories -

   Small Logo watch orders of 6 pieces and more

   Small Logo watch orders of 12 to 24 pieces

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